Angel Morgue EP by Angel Morgue

Louder than doom. Heavier than hell. According to Angel Moruge’s tagline, it looks like Christmas came early this year, freaks! Jesus may have been born this day but more importantly than that, the gods of heavy metal have descended upon us an Angel Morgue EP being released via Redefining Darkness Records that is metal of the utmost quality: Old-school blasphemous American death metal. All of that and casket full more. An exercise in the devil’s music to help us jingle all the way through this Helliday Season kicks off things right with the musical manifestation of the feeling most of us get this time of year, Forcible Expulsion of Entrails. And it, the song as well as the band, is exactly what it sounds like it is. Pure and awesome, tired and true, loud, fast, and brutal death metal. If you don’t like that, then do yourself a favor and stay farther away from this than the mall Santa does his AA meetings. (I promise to stop with the Christmas jokes soon.) Clocking in at under two minutes on a three song EP, Angel Morgue waste no time delivering the goods, in the words of Judas Priest. A short and simple assault on our senses and introduction into the next track, Psychomatic Mastication, is a lurking piece of sonic torture full of riffs and punishment that’ll sure have you fist fighting the nearest wall. Sounding very much in the vein of Incantation, Immolation, Suffocation… Hey, that sounds like an alright Christmas jingle.

What was I saying? Oh, right, just more about how much ass Angel Morgue kicks on this 3 song EP that most bands can’t come close to on an entire record. The old school death metal done right is a formula I will never get tired of and will never expire, it is in fact, timeless. Which is the ultimate test of music, especially in metal, that I personally have a hard time justifying to many genres of extreme music. The first Suffocation “Human Waste” EP sounds just as awesome today as it did then. Stuff like this Angel Morgue EP, will also sound great in twenty years. Will the newest deathcore act hold up in a few decades? I obviously dread being cynical (hah) but I highly doubt it. How about the coolest atmospheric black metal record since that seems to be (kind of) a new uprising trend? Not saying that stuff isn’t awesome but will that stand the test of time? Some will and some won’t, I suppose, but they’ll have a harder time doing it without sounding too pretentious. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, the older than death metal itself cliche says, but it’s most likely true. There’s a reason why Cannibal Corpse and Slayer have released the same sounding albums year after year for decades.. because it is fucking awesome.

This type of music fires up my existence especially when we hear a new band doing old-school metal they way it should be: loud, brutal, and unapologetic. In a world where everybody is offended by everything, its quite refreshing to see a band present songs such as ones entitled “Holocaust Perversions”… which brings us to the conclusion. This “epic”, the four-minute longest track on the record,holds nothing back with bringing on its bass-heavy, skull-stomping, life-threatening quest for damnation. Thick, vile, and perverse, as one could imagine. The sounds echoed by the guttural bellows and pulse inciting percussion leave much to be begged for like the undead for brains.

The subtle art of the EP has grown on me and becoming a fascinating aspect of our attention deficit culture. While larger acts such as NIN capitalize on this phenomenon by releasing a series of EP’s instead of a full-length, I’m beginning to align myself with that theory. I believe, unless the material is over confident and deserves and album’s worth, EP’s are the way to go these. Especially bands trying to actually sell and/or even possibly make a profit if that’s still possible by selling their music, we are much more likely to pay a couple bucks for an EP they could enjoy and digest more deliciously than a $15 full length. Again, not that I’m against that WHATSOEVER but just an interesting thought. I love the EP. I love the name of the band. I love the sound of the band. I love their simply footed graveyard logo. I love death metal. And I love my pals at redoing Darkness Records for consistency killing it with their releases.. even cooler, you can purchase this limited EP on cassette, which makes it all the more gritty, tortuous, and glorious. Another way to perfectly describe the holidays this year. Thanks Angel Morgue for releasing the soundtrack to that.

Rating: 4/5

Gym Rating: 5/5

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Again, awesome logo. Hell yeah.