Apprentice of evil: beginner’s program outline


The fundamentals of evil…

A good beginner program should enforce consistency, technique, form and function. We will be focusing on basic movements and principles such as:








The movements in the first couple weeks will remain fairly basic and simple. But, when done correctly,  can also mean the most damaging and physically challenging.  Naturally, the last few weeks of the program will explore more advanced movements Through methods of corrective/restorative exercise and endurance building, which leads to strength building and better overall health. IMAGINE THAT!! Of course, the most important aspect in any fitness program is DIET. There’s a whole mess  regurgitated and unprofessional bloody mess of THAT right here. Any trainer that tells you results are not 80% diet is trying to sell you breathing hot shit. Check this out before you begin. 


A1. Upper 

A2. Lower

B1. Upper

B2. Lower

C1. Upper

C2. Lower

D1. Core

D2. Core

…..This will be the blueprint we trudge on for every workout, 3 days a week ( one day of rest/cardio is recommended between workouts. Avoid doing back to back days. So M/W/F would be ideal, or however you can make it work), for 8 weeks. I say 15-25 reps of each exercise, but ideally we should aim for 20. If you pick a weight that’s too heavy, do 15 or so. Conversely, if it is too light, do closer to 25. Then we can adjust so you hit as close as possible to 20. 


5 minutes steady pace on treadmill, bike, rower, etc…

10 Hip Circles per leg

10 Frankensteins per leg

5 Yoga flows- toe touch to down dog to up dog to child’s pose 

10 Supermans

10 Jumping Jacks