Aseptic Interview

“A cavernous duo from the oceanic muck of the Gold Coast, Aseptic's sound drips with grime and reeks of diseased flesh. With a sound both stripped down and sharpened to precision, each cut is a clean offering of savagery which will leave your mind in a pool of blood on the morgue's floor. Decidedly putrid - Unapologetically gruesome - The way death metal should remain.”

 - Taken straight from Aseptic’s Bandcamp page, because, clever of a bastard as I am… couldn’t conjure up a better description of the band. Upon hearing the 1907’s style cult spooky horror orchestra theme intro usher in the immense chugging of the ever faithful old school death metal riff, I knew I was in for a splattered and decaying treat. Living - err- dying somewhere between Eaten Back to Life and Dawn Of Possession, Aseptic resurrect the old school death metal corpse and fly the intestine and bile latent flag shamelessly for all the suffer under with more gruesome ferocity than most full bands can offer. So, freaks…  Kick back, grab yourself a pint of blood and ASEPTIC’S EP available now on Redefining Darkness Records, and enjoy the debauchery-ridden interview witch Luis & Philip below!!


First of all, just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to answer a few of my silly questions; as well as thank you for keeping the greatest genre in history, old school death metal, alive and well. For those who don’t know its power, what is it about old school death metal that you love so much that you wanted to pursue it with a band of your own?

Aseptic: Thanks for having us! Our love for death metal is endless.

Luis: For me old school death metal has a certain mood and feel to it that no other genre has the ability to generate. The combination of nasty riffs, and intense beats made me want to go out and join a death metal band and try recreate that same energy.

Philip: The energy, the filthy sounds, and foul lyrics is what always a attracted me to death metal. Not to mention the death metal fans that make it one of the most enjoyable genres out there!

I think the fact that you are a true death metal duo is awesome. Did you initially have the intention to form Aseptic as a two-piece band? Has it always been that way and/or do you have plans of adding any members?

Initially we were just jamming for fun, not really thinking we would form a band together. Then eventually as time passed we decided to form Aseptic. It’s been this way for 5 years now...we tried having a few people join but we haven’t really found anybody that clicks well with the sound that we’re going for. At this point were just going with the flow, so if we think we find someone who fits then we’ll have them join, but if not then we’ll continue as a two-piece.

Not to discredit your music in any way at all, but I’m a huge fan of bass in death metal. The fact that there is no bass in Aseptic, do you find that liberates your songwriting or hinders it? Or don’t you care? I personally think you guys generate a massive amount of sound and death metal horror for just guitar and drums.

No, it doesn’t really bother us. We’re so used to the two of us jamming together that we don’t really need bass to write songs, but we are looking for someone who can join us for live shows. We try and make due with what we have, and try to get the biggest sound we can when we play live.

Building on that last question, what kind of guitar and gear do you use to achieve your gruesome sound?

Philip: Currently i'm using a Peavey JSX tube head through a Marshall half stack cab. I also use a Maxon ST9 pro plus Super Tube pedal and an Electro Harmonix Silencer Noise Gate pedal. My guitar of choice for the past few years was an Ibanez Gio but I recently got a Jackson Dinky and fell instantly in love with it!

As far as the drums go, I notice that they definitely have quite a groovy element to them, not just crazy fast for the sake of being crazy fast. I think they are very well incorporated for the style of music you play. How did you develop your drumming technique over the years and who are your main influences?

Luis: Thanks! I don’t really think I have a drumming technique haha..I know my limitations as a drummer so I don’t try to play as fast and as technical as possible for every song, I just play whatever I think feels right for the songs. As far as my main influences, I really like Pokey Mo from Leeway...I think his drumming is incredibly underrated and he has lots of groove and his style is very orginal which I really like. Then of course there’s Dave Lombardo, Igor Calavera and Dave Lozano from Devastation, who is also underrated in my opinion.


I hear a whole slaughterhouse of bands I could guess influence Aseptic. Coming from you, what are your main influences from a musical standpoint? Wether it be individual musicians or bands in general?

For us our main influences come from Celtic Frost, Cannibal Corpse, and Benediction, but we try not to emulate them too much in our song writing.

Building on that, what are your nonmusical influences to make this type of music? This could be films, books, art, beer, the clutches of society… etc.

Luis: For me I take a lot of influence from Art. I’ve always been a fan of art in general, but I specifically have a soft spot for comic book art and album artwork. I’ve loved to draw from a young age, so I try to carry that over into when I do the artwork for our albums and such.

Philip: A lot of my lyric influences comes from reading True Crime books and listening to True Crime podcasts. Of course, old horror films as well helps with coming up with ideas and concepts for song ideas and album themes.

It is no secret that tons of great metal has come from your domain in the West Coast. How specifically is the death metal scene like in your area these days and how do you guys fit into it?

Our hometown in San José, consists mostly of punk and power violence, but we still occasionally hop on a punk show every now and then. As far as death metal, the surrounding bay area has some really good acts like Necrot, Mortuous, Evulse, Laceration, and Cult Graves. The death metal shows here are always good to go and check out, and always have a great crowd response.

If you tour, which I hope you do, where are some places you’d like to play? Are there any bands you’d be hoping to tour with?
We definitely want to tour more in the near future, and nowhere specific, we’d love to go anywhere that’ll have us play! And no one in particular at the moment, as long as they play old school death metal then we’re down for it.

What are your favorite Black Sabbath albums?

Luis: Heaven and hell.

Philip: Dehumanizer - 1992 Cheers!