New Gods by Cauldron


A nice simple, heavy metal band name... check. A nice, readable, logo with attitude... check check. An abstract yet clear, original, and nondigital, classic-feeling album cover... quadruple check. COOL. My attention has been gotten. New Gods prove that Cauldron may be that of the “revival of heavy metal genre” akin to that of say Ghost, Haunt, Holy Grail..ETC.. that derive influences from say Angel Witch, Candlemass, Priest, Maiden, ETC… well, not exactly. I feel that there is a whole lot more to cauldron than they are given credit for. There is so much more to this record than a throwback to classic heavy metal. In fact, I’m hard pressed to find anything related to something like Judas Priest or Iron Maiden on this record whatsoever. In theme and in spirit, sure. But that’s about it. This is a full on, fist in the air, straight up 70’s hard rock record complete with arena-ready choruses and larger than life power chords. Instead of being another stoner 70’s sludge worship metal as it is being present as, this is much more Living After Midnight than it is Electric Funeral. 

    Another band hailing from the Great White North aka Toronto, Cauldron continue to stir their witch’s brew of heavy metal since its inception in ’06. Having a few records under their belt, Canadian classic heavy meatheads have embarked on a fourth album run, claiming themselves to be New Gods. Bold words, bold band.. readable logo, even? Abstract album art but not abstract enough to be indistinguishable from realty, giving off a classic stoner metal vibe, but does their music reflect that? Either way, do they live up to the magnanimous title of being New Gods? Maybe… just maybe.

    Hooks, hooks, and ho - - is prostitution legal in Canada? Regardless, Cauldron’s catchy power metal is effortless, especially on the opening single, Prisoner of the Past. They may be referring to how this song would not sound out of place on top 40 rock radio in ’75, or it just may be a deeper meaning to it all. Again, just maybe. This is an appealing aspect of Cauldron, as they are catchier than meathooks in a slaughterhouse and more fun than a bag of weed on you 12th birthday… but their lyrics are rather personal and philosophical. Presented in such an early thrash/classic metal kind of way, the contrast makes their music all the more appealing, this record specifically. 

    The production is crystal clear, like a witches crystal ball next to the boiling cauldron. It reads: we all just wanna rock and roll. You can be serious without taking it so seriously. In such a way Ghost has presented satanic material in a fun for the whole family type way, Cauldron does the same, just a TAD less evil; which is fine (I guess). Their songwriting ability is definitely in the same vein but can hold up and even rival Ghost’s any day of the week, in my opinion. The first two tracks are back to back powerhouses that’ll leave you singing the choruses for days, complete with enchanting melodies, classic rock riffs, and beautiful classic metal soaring vocals. They keep it really real the whole time keeping the average song length about 4 minutes, as Cauldron are not really here to expand and experiment, they’re here to strictly rock. Not that hirer is anything wrong with that, but this group of talented musicians certainly could flex their muscles (lifting out very intended) just a little more to make the record that much more intriguing. The only thing I think that’s holding them back is the lack of a little extra UMPH to it. Just the slightest jolt of heavy metal power I feel is needed to take cauldron from a 7 to a 10. But what do I know… 

    Not that my gripes are necessarily fatal for the band by any stretch, this is one hell of an impressive rock n roll record. Backed by the right people and the right sound, I could easily see Cauldron even on the radio some day, although that may not mean much these days. At the very least a co-headlining spot on a decent sized metal tour that would really expand their audience as they can appeal to a huge demographic. The very accessible, clean (but still has balls), friendly (but still may boil your child in said cauldron, ya never know), and powerful heavy metal Cauldron produce comes from the heart and is here to have a good time. 


Rating: 3.5/5

Gym Rating: 3/5

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