the dynamic warm up


break it down

Basic recommendations :

Hip activation: 3 moves, 2 sets of 10

Dynamic Stretching: 3 moves, 2 sets of 5

Movement Inegration: 3 moves, 2 sets of 10 yards (approx)

Neural Activation: 3  moves, 2 sets of 10 seconds

Consider direction: linear, lateral, rotational, multidirectional, etc

create your own based on your needs and pains.


we're all gonna die (namic) anyway...

here lies the generic dynamic total body warm up. this one never fails.

savasana yoga flow (tall standing reach - forward fold - downward dog - upward dog - child's pose) x3

worlds greatest stretch 2x3 / leg

inch worm x3 

repeat the following x2-3

cross jacks x10

squat jumps x10

walking lunge w/ hip circle x10

squat w/ band pull apart or pvc pipe pass through x10

skip x10 yards

side shuffle x10 yards

supermans x10

iron crosses x10/leg

rolling v's x5

dynamic warm up for dead bros...

upper body focus only!!

adductor stretch with thoracic rotation

t spine rotation w/ reach

triset: pass throughs, band pull apart, face pulls w/rope cable attachment (half kneeling) 3x10

superset: ring push up & ring row 3x10

seal jack & med ball chest slam 3x10