6 weeks to a killer body…


shred by dawn

so you want that body you could never summon the guts to dig up before? well… look no further than the evil shred!! aka: Death comes lifting’s summer conditioning program consisting of 6 workouts a week, for 6 weeks, and expecting many 6 packs. and demonic spirits suddenly never looked or felt so sexy & dangerous.

warning: once you have initiated fat loss necronomicon spell it is impossible to reverse the effects!! this is a more advanced program… so if you are new to lifting proceed with caution, adjust the intensity to your capabilities, or just try our beginner program available free right here first!! you’ve been warned. groovy.

Phase I will be weeks 1-3, in which we will be using more of a traditional strength and conditioning approach, utilizing a lower/upper/cardio split. if you survive, phase II weeks 4-6 will be a little more advanced… 3 total body iron worshipping sessions per week interspersed with a different cardio technique each day in between, and more than enough metabolic conditioning and/or zombie killing tactics. expect to be puking at straight up exorcism levels. All workouts will combine principles of cross training, powerlifting, heavy metal, conditioning, cardio, yoga, 80’s horror films, and hypertrophy. we have weaponized these principles in order for you freaks to attain your shredded summer body.. or, I suppose waiting to just die is the easiest way to drop the fat. the decomposition rate is pretty high theses days... so I hear.

phase I


swallow this!!! before you begin, please read our warm-up guide and our diet guide. this program will do nothing but cause you extreme pain to no benefit if you do not recovery or adequately fuel yourself for your goals.. nutrition is everything!! and warm up those corpses before you torture them!! trust me!! grab your chainsaws. let’s get shredded.