evil shred: phase I


week I

day I: lower body strength & Core

Back squat: take your time warming up & working up to an estimated 1 rep max. (Example sets: 15,10,8,5,3,2,1,1)

conditioning circuit x 4

-single leg kettlebell deadlifts: 10 reps/leg

- Kettlebell split squat: 10 reps/leg

-kettlebell front rack walking lunges: 10 reps/leg

leg press PYRAMID: set 1: 20 reps, set 2: 15 reps, set 3: 10 reps, set 4: 5 reps, set 5: 5 reps, set 6: 10 reps, set 7: 15 reps, set 8: 20 reps (increasing weights sets 1-5, decreasing sets 6-8)

incline treadmill walk: sustain good pace at highest incline for 15 minutes

day II: upper body

bench press: find your approximate 1 rep max in 5-8 sets (same as the back squat yesterday)

conditioning circuit x4

-pull ups: as many as possible

-Pushups: as many as possible

-renegade row: light weight, consistent pace for 1 minute

cable crossover superset with face pulls: 3x15

dips: 4 sets to failure

burpees: 5x10

day III: steady state cardio & isometrics

your choice of jogging, biking, rowing, swimming, etc.. for 45 minutes to an hour

hold a plank for as long as possible when finished

stretch / yoga

day IV: lower body power & abs

-deadlift: 6x3 (use a lighter weight, perform reps as fast/explosive as possible, rest 1-2 min between sets)

superset x 4

-8 box squats

-10/leg ply0 (jumping) lunges

superset x 3

-15 goblet squats

-15/side cable wood chop

superset x 2

-25 leg extension

-25 lying leg curl

tabata sit-ups:

work 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds, x8

Day V: upper body power & conditioning

-standing overhead barbell press: 6x3 (same principle as yesterday)

superset x 7

-wide-grip lat pulldown pyramid: 1x20, 1x15, 1x10, 1x5, 1x10, 1x15, 1x20

-dumbbell punches (or shadow boxing): 30 seconds

conditioning circuit x 3

-kettlebell swing: 20

-barbell row: 20

-standing side lateral raises: 20

bike or row: 10 minutes


-sprints: 2 min walk, 30 second all out sprint, x6

day VII: rest & recovery

chill. stretch. yoga. Black Sabbath. read. hydrate. amen.

week II

day I: lower body strength & core

-deadlfit: find an approximate max deadlift in 6-8 sets.. take your time warming up!!

-hack squat PYRAMID: set 1: 20 reps, set 2: 15 reps, set 3: 10 reps, set 4: 5 reps, set 5: 5 reps, set 6: 10 reps, set 7: 15 reps, set 8: 20 reps (increasing weights sets 1-5, decreasing sets 6-8)

conditioning circuit x4

-weighted step ups (holding dumbbells, on box or bench) : 10/leg

-ghd or back extension: 15

-goblet squat: 10

superset x 3

-Decline bench sit ups: 20

-burpees: 20

day II: Upper body strength & conditioning, cardio

-standing overhead barbell press: work up to an approximate 1 rep max… be careful on these, do not loose form trying to go to heavy, use a weight you could definitely get one, maybe two.. but stick to just one.

-inverted row pyramid: set a smith machine bar at about neck level, use that height to perform as many inverted rows as possible. move it down a peg and continue as such until it is so low that you are parallel to the floor, then work back up. there will be blood.

conditioning circuit x 3

-single arm dumbbell rows: 10/arm

-incline dumbbell fly: 12

-single arm lateral raises: 10/arm

-skull crushers w/ leg raise : 12

-treadmill slight incline jog: 15 minutes


-row 500 m (as fast as possible)

rest 2 minute, repeat x 7


day IV: lower body power & isometrics

-back squat : 6x3 (lighten weight, as fast/explosive as possible)

conditioning circuit x4

-barbell lateral squats (big step to left, squat, return to center, big step to right, squat, return to center.. that is one rep): 10

-good mornings (use same bar/weight from lateral squats): 15

-box jumps or jump squats: 20

isometric superset x3

-hollow hold: 45 seconds

-Wall sits: 45 seconds

bike 10 minutes

day V: upper body power & hypertrophy

-bench press: 6x3 (light, explosive)

conditioning circuit x 3

-pushups: as many as possible

-close grip pull ups: as many as possible

-dumbbell iron crosses: 15

power superset x3

-barbell cleans: 6

-med ball slams: 6

hypertrophy circuit x3

-ez bar bicep curls: 15

-tricep overhead rope extensions: 15

-flat bench dumbbell fly: 15

day VI: cardio

20 minute max distance row

20 minute walk/cool-down

day VII: Rest & Recovery

bring the thunder.. do not get lost in the storm.


week III

day I: lower body strength & conditioning

-Front squat: find approximated 1 rep max in 6-8 sets

superset x 3

-single leg high position leg press: 12/leg

-dumbbell stiff legged deadlifts: 12

superset x3

-med ball overhead walking lunges: 1 minute

- hanging leg raises: as many as possible

bike intervals

-1 min steady, 1 min max effort x10

day II: upper body strength & conditioning

- incline barbell bench press: work up to approximate 1 rep max

conditioning circuit x4

-alternating arm bent over dumbbell rows: 10/arm

-alternating arm kettlebell clean & press: 10/arm

-Alternating arm push ups on med ball: 10/arm

superset x3

-hammer strength chest press machine: 15

-close grip lat pulldown: 15

conditioning circuit x 3

15 burpees

1 minute dumbbell punches

1 minute jumping jacks w dumbbells

day III: steady state cardio & core

jog/run/bike/swim for 45 minutes.

test your max plank at the end.


day IV: lower body power

-Romanian deadlift: 6x3 as explosive as possible, low weight, low rest.

superset x5

-back squats: 5

-box jumps: 5

conditioning circuit x4

-jump rope: 1 minute

-calf raises: 25

-cable rope crunches: 25

-rope squats w/ face pull: 25

high incline treadmill walk: 20 minutes

day V: Upper body power & isometrics

-Pull ups: 6x3 (as fast as possible)

-push press: 5x5 (lighter weight, go fast, rest 1 min)

superset x4

-med ball chest throw against wall: 8

-pull up bar flexed hang at the top: max

arms & isometrics circuit x4

-reverse barbell curl: 20

-dumbbell overhead tricep extension:20

-side plank: max

-dumbbell curl to press:10

-other side plank: max

bike: 20 minutes

day VI: hiit cardio

weighted vest sprints: 30 seconds max effort, 2 minutes rest x8


day VII: rest & recovery

do some yoga. meal prep for the week. buy vegetables and shit. drink water and blood.

Well.. there ya have it. it may have gotten a bit messy towards the end. that’s a good thing… just prepare yourself for what’s to come. IF you find that you are not recovering as well as you ought to be, make sure your nutrition is dialed in tighter than a coffin lid.. read this here and/or email us with any questions!! phase II awaits you…