Context by Eye Flys

We don’t know shit. What makes you so fucking sure? Those are among the hymns chanted within the opening measures of Eye Flys' demolishing debut, Context; and for context, this absolutely sets the unrelenting tone of crusty stomp POWER provided on a burning stake for the rest of the record. You see, this band of metal masterminds. Eye Flys is a Frankenstein monster child conceived from none other than THE ALMIGHTY Full of Hell’s six string sorcerer, Spencer Hazard, and Backslider bongo slayer Patrick Forrest. Rest assured, they are anything & everything but the almost always forgettable “supergroup” you might expect them to be. With the artillery reinforcements triumphantly arriving in the form of fellow Backslider bass Berserker, Jake Smith, whom is handling guitar & vocal duties; as well as Kevin Bernsten of the ever venomous Triac on bass. Alas, please allow me to resort to the original question… I, in fact, do not know shit. But what I DO know is, Eye Flys wreck a LETHAL amount of ass.

Yes, that can and should be taken as a compliment. What makes me so sure? Well, the musical integrity preserved within this little 6 track, 15 minute record, is enough to last most bands a lifetime; as Eye Flys’ desire & genuine excitement to explore musical territory cautioned taped off by their mainstay bands just bleeds out of this record with pure energy and head banging deliciousness. So if you’re coming in expecting a skull-shattering grind-fest in the vein of Full of Hell 2.0… you’re only about half right. The bone-shattering heaviness is definitely kept in tact, thankfully, but the music itself is way more reigned in. Focusing heavily upon grooves & stomps, sick snare & dirty bass, d-beat pleasures of 90’s noise nostalgia.. Eye Flys could not have emerged at a better time in the current state of metal. Kinda like Jesus. Except, you know, way cooler.

Each member of the ever fascinating group can be heard at their highest of highs and the contribution energy can be felt throughout each listen. Being as Context was recorded only a few short months after the bands inception, the sense of refreshing urgency is felt flowing through the veins of the entire recording. Each tune seems to be better than the next, offering plenty of variety within their uniquely destructive sound to lend this 14 minute piece of pain to endless replay value (I think right now I’m at 47). As mentioned, the opening track “Stems’ sets the tone while simultaneously leaving you questioning your belief system casually. Sophomore track “Dosed” doses us with amphetamines and then douses us with gasoline; as it is pure tempo adrenaline that does not overstay its welcome. If you survive up until the halfway mark, “Crushing of the Human Spirit” truly embodies all elements of the previous tracks while delivering it to us in a more adequately fleshed out way; letting us know what Eye Flys is truly all about… which seams to be making the most awesome music possible at the stage of the game. Speaking of…

“Weaponize” proves to be the standout song on the record. It is not because of its sheer brutality, but rather the opposite. It’s immediately a bass driven song, which in my humble option, can do no wrong; but it is further pushed to the brim with the inclusion of teeth grinding vocals and power chording stomping that has Bon Scott rattling his coffin. It’s one of those songs that just keeps building, pushing, and fighting its way to the visceral conclusion just before its boiling point. It is pure venomous fury done in a tasteful fashion, which, what more can you ask for? Well, the following “Triumphs of Hagbrag Celine” proves to be the most experimental on Context, complete with more bass grooves (!!!) and enticing song structure at hardy a 2:30 runtime, it surely had my fists and feet of kung fu fury flying all over the crypt. Furthermore, and as if they needed any more street cred, this particular song is based on a killer book, “Illuminatus!”, and the metaphor is brilliant.

Alas, we arrive to the warming conclusion of “Fuckface.” I could see no other way to send us off than with an early Napalm Death nailgun-to-the-Adam’s-apple type of tune, complete with a noisy guitar epitaph out of pure respect and representation of the pummeling riff, post-hardcore sorta noise metal with old school attitude - genre that Eye Flys have forged for themselves.

Maybe I should have apologized in advance for the jaded track by track style of review, but for a record of this stature and limited length, it seemed to be the right way to deliver the message of what Eye Flys have unleashed with Context. It is a wonderful display of metal musicianship and creativity, as well as a gratifying and inspiring record artistically, as the collaborative energy and passion truly fly off the record.. and hopefully, into your eye. You’re welcome. And you won’t be sorry for checking out what is honestly one of the most exciting recordings I’ve heard all year long. If I had a complaint, I would say I wish there was more.. but in a time of instant gratification and ADHD, a 15 minute EP of pure metal madness is exactly what we need. Dig it up!

Rating: 4.5/5

Gym Rating: Prepare To Fuck Shit Up / 5