Festering In Telepathic Communion by Sadisme

In abundantly stark contrast to our last review, I present to you, Festering In Telepathic Communion by Sadisme. A single-man black metal project that sounds just like you are being set on fire and torn through a labyrinth of razor wire and rabid vermin en route to a cold and eternal dungeon of Hell. It is pure pain. It is the closest thing to Hell that you can get through your speakers, trust me.. because I’ve been trying. FOR YEARS. There is a rawness to this record that I can only describe as unreasonably abrasive and torturous (that’s a compliment) while being carried on the wings of pure hate and depressive melancholy (also a compliment). According to my calculations, all in all, Sadisme provide this year’s best Valentine’s Day record for you and your loved one.

Juggernaut, the mastermind behind Sadisme, himself has even stated how horrendous of a listing experience this record is designed to be. But, that begs the question, is it BAD? I say, not by a long shot. Is it unpleasant? That’s putting it lightly. But, more importantly, that is also the point. If you miss the forest through the trees, so to speak, one may unfairly dismiss this record as 100% USDA Approved Genuine Shit. As well as, but not limited to, torture, pain, suffering, without any artistic value or listening pleasure. While I CAN see the point in that argument IF you are not a fan of extreme metal, in which case I will say: do not even think to give this a try. Stay FAR away, duct tape the record closed, wrap it in barbed wire, burn it, burnt it, only to find that much like The Necronomicon it will refuse to stay dead and silenced as it has an unquenchable mission for soul swallowing and worldwide sacrifice. In that case, just run the HELL away and stay there. For the rest of us SADISTS, who desire nothing more than to fester in this brutally constructed telepathic communion, crank this shit up til til the psych ward shows up.

Upon putting the needle to the grove, one can expect to casually be ripped through transient voids of eternal suffering. Par for the course, any seasoned extreme metal fanatic will say. Fair enough… BUT, the sonic chaos set forth by Juggernaut as Sadisme is unmatched to just about anything I’ve heard in recent history. Wether or not this record as infiltrated my brain and wiped my memory clean via sheer black metal brutality that’ll leave the Norwegian purists scathing their skulls, is another argument entirely. Either way, trust me when I say this is not for the faint of heart - even if you do consider yourself a black metal fanatic. To further my point, just because the total raw chaotic hell portrayed on this record is unmatched to most, does not necessarily mean its “the best.” There are beyond certainly more well constructed and, for my money, better pieces of solo project hell spewing black metal (see Abduction, etc); BUT dare I deem this one the most interesting? Well, probably.

The miniscucle seconds of ascending atmospheretic interlude to the opening track, Tearing The Psychical Wall (as well as others), is about the only break (besides your spine) you will receive while listening to this album. From there on out it is instrumentation forged by a madman, literally. It is hard enough to wrap what’s left of my consciousness around what’s going on just merely sipping on espresso and listening to this demonic hymn, let alone arrange and compose it. Juggernaut pulls off inconceivably destructive black metal riffs, deafeningly brutal bass, unrelenting drums, and horrifying agony riddled howls from a place of legitimate darkness. Beyond the harsh reality of that, digging deeper into the record (and the more you listen to it) there is a, forgive the word, beauty; in this sense of controlled chaos. There are deliberate and coldly calculated arrangements going on here. Once the brutal speed and harshness of the lo-fi production settles and the “shock factor” wears itself down, there are (believe it or not) actual awesome tunes on this one, in the deafeningly evil sense of the word “tunes”, I may add. The title track may very well be an unforgiving 6-minute exercise in genuine brutality, but the following tracks “Ruptured Remains of Consciousness” and “Picking At The Corpse Of A Past Life” are not only some of the best song titles this year BUT have an underlying flare of experimentation and dare I say, melody to them that is beyond infectious. That is where I believe the melancholic quality to this record really begins to take form and legitimize itself. The echoes of desolate guitar strings over controlled rhythmic percussion and void spinning howls make for a hypnotic and intrinsic listening experience. There are seemingly echoes of wind and sounds generated from keyboard that add so much to richen the production to a seemingly full speed ahead, piercing, and brutal piece of music. This is especially true on the other aptly titled track “Vomited Vessels Of Vitriolic Suicide” that registers as almost slow-dance worthy in comparison to the rest. The darkness and depressive quality of this sound make it the most interesting track on the record. My point of all this being, there is much going on in Festering In Telepathic Communion that is genuinely artistic and intriguing, while being pure Hell simultaneously, it is unfair to dismiss it as solely the latter. From a pure musical and production standpoint, the record has more going for it than any lo-fi solo black metal music has any right to, and all songs retain an interesting and unique quality to them. No easy feat for black metal; especially done by a solo artist. And yes, I definitely deem Juggernaut as a true artist on this one. In Festering In Telepathic Communion he not only channels some of the most hardcore music ever, but also highlights the relationship of art and sadism. Being as if we do enjoy consuming his purposefully painful listening experience, we are indeed sadistic. And if you do NOT enjoy it, well, fuck you then. I guess. Til next time, freaks.

Rating: 4/5

Gym Rating: 5/5.. total destruction lies ahead.

In the meantime, enjoy this release from Grey Matter productions while we wait for it to be additionally released on Death Kvlt Productions this Spring.

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