phase 1: workout 2

workout 2: SLOW BURN in the ETERNAL FIRE 

Perform this workout with a slow and controlled, almost yoga-like, tempo. I mean 5 seconds on the way up and 5 on the way down on all movements. Not as easy as it sounds, freaks. This will build core stability, isometric strength, mind muscle connection, and strength.

10 Chatarunga Push Ups (Yoga Flow)

10 Warrior Lunges (per leg)

10 Gorilla Squats

30 Seconds Straight Leg Hold 


10 Single Leg โ€œDeadliftsโ€ Airplane /leg

10 Down dog to reverse plank leg over transfer (find name)/side

20 seconds side star plank

10 Plow to Full sit Up


10 Turkish Gets Ups /side

10 Squats

10 Close Grip Push Ups