Album Review: House of Doom (EP) by Candlemass

    Lets hear it for ANOTHER EP for all my friends with short attention spans. Well, not really. This is doom metal legends Candlemass. And they don’t give a goddamn about your short attention spans, or anything for that matter. Well, the probably care about evil souls, demons, and just being without argument one of the best and most important heavy metal bands to ever do it. And the House of Doom EP proves no differently.

    Right off the bat, Candlemass let it fly (no pun intended) with the drums rolling in introducing the title track that is heavily reminiscent of Children of the Grave by that one band.  The song kicks in with en effortless hook, a banging riff, sprinkle on top their signature classic doom metal wails to the dark lord; you got yourself one hell of a tune that not only welcomes you into The House of Doom, it brings down the entire house on your head. Its pretty masterfully composed as a catchy sabbath-esque banger for the first half, and a fast doom metal ripper the latter. All connected by an eerie synth bridge that’ll take you beyond the house into the garden to… The Flowers of Deception… see what I did? Nevertheless, the sophomore track picks up right where we left off: more classic Candlemass that we know and love. And thats more or less what this song serves as, a continuation of the first. It’s just, maybe not as good.  It offers plenty of tasty riffs and cool lyrical imagery so its not to say that it’s bad, far from it, actually. But it doesn’t really offer anything new. Which might be why I love the next track so much.

    “Fortuneteller” slows things down with an acoustic piece thick on the doom & gloom atmosphere, making it my favorite song on the record. It really stands out amongst the crowd for obvious reasons but aside from that; the  psychedelically evil lyrics put against a traditional acoustic composition combined with some dark harmonies make this a haunting (and awesome track). Ending with the lyrical plead, “Fortune teller, please tell me, the bloody truth..” And as that final note echoes we realize aint that what we all want? Thats what good music is. Thats what this music is… the bloody truth. Rock the fuck on, Candlemass. And very cooly and stylishly of them, the end this with an eerie instrumental piece - “Dolls on the Wall.” That title is just as important as the music, painting vivid demented imagery in your head as maybe you stumble your way through the House of Doom..  making it the second best track but maybe not the best to listen to before bed. Or maybe it is, depending if you’re into the night demons.  I know I am. And I know I’m impatiently awaiting a new Candlemass record because this EP was righteous.



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