Mal Du Siècle interview

Mal Du Siécle hath descended upon us mere mortals an unrelenting collection of rituals in the form of their debut ep aptly & classically titled, dark ceremonies under a cursed moon, released by the Almighty death kvlt productions. Available as a digital release as well as a cassette for us true nitty and gritty, lo-fi and low morale, satanic metal enthusiasts; it makes up the most pure and vile collection of black metal tunes heard thus far this year. KHâron, mastermind behind Mal Du Siécle, generously sat down with dcl to discuss his music that has such an unnervingly authentic feel that harkens to the golden age of black metal, being a one-man band, art, death, Black Sabbath, among other spooky things.


DCL: Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule of dark ceremonies to answer a few of my questions, I really appreciate it! From what I gather, you are a solo black metal project. Can you tell me a little about yourself, your background in music, what the experience of recording and preforming black metal as a one man band is like, and what possessed you (pun intended) to form Mal Du Siècle and crush the world with black metal power? I apologize for the overloaded question in  advance. 

Khâron: Well, first of all thank you for asking me about doing this interview! I'm really excited about it. 

About my background in music and myself, well, I started studying classical percussion when I was 12 years old but I always wanted to focus more on drums,

so at age thirteen I formed my first band with some friends that were older than me. We played covers from Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Danzig...

until one day we felt the need to play a more aggressive style of music and that's when my friends introduced me to black metal. We ended up playing a blend between melodic death metal and symphonic black metal. 

Being a one man band made everything easier and faster. The whole EP was written, recorded, mixed and mastered in a week or so, plus 

I was helped by one of my best friends (actually, everything was recorded in his small studio).

I started Mal Du Siècle because I always wanted to play old school raw black metal but never found people interested in forming a band, so I bought a guitar and learned to play with the idea of making this project.

DCL: Upon hearing your music for the first time, I was stricken by how authentic it felt. It has a rawness and atmosphere to it that is undeniably old school black metal at its finest. Im only assuming, this was intentional. Therefore what was the recording process and techniques you used to capture this vibe like? Also, who or what are your main influences?

Khâron: Exactly, the sound was 100% intentional. That was my goal from the beginning. The recording process was quite simple, to be honest.The drums were recorded in like two hours using an electric drum kit (I would have loved to record with acoustic drums, but I was out of my reach). The guitars and bass were recorded the following days and took me a little more time since I wasn't pretty experienced in recording with those instruments.

Lyrically, my main influence are the medieval times. There are many legends and events related to occultism, paganism and satanism that inspired me while writing the EP.

 Musically, my main influences are Darkthrone, Mayhem, Bathory, early Sodom, Sanguine Relic... to name a few.

DCL: It also helped that I listened to your record on cassette, to adequately capture that vibe. Do you think that is how your music should be listened to? Do you have a preference for tape, vinyl, digital, etc?

Khâron: I feel like cassette and vinyl can enhance the whole experience of listening to a black metal album. Besides that, I don't really have a preference.

DCL: You are located in Spain, is that correct? Are you from there originally?

Khâron: Yes, I'm currently located in Spain. I was born and raised here.

DCL: What is it in the blood of the Euro countries that enables them to produce such incredible black metal music? Obviously, it was invented and pioneered there; but do you believe there is something more going on than that? Any band proclaiming to be pure black metal that do not hail from Europe always end up sounding dull to me personally. There’s just an undeniable quality to it. What do you think that is?

Khâron: I don't know. It might be because the history of Europe in general can help you create a dark vibe. There are museums about the inquisition, museums about paganism, torture museums... you can learn a lot about the coldness of Europe and how life had no meaning at all in the past, and you can express that feeling of coldness through your music. 


DCL: Building on that last question, can you elaborate on your name, Mal Du Siècle? From my research, the term was invented during French Romanticism literary period, and it expresses a spiritual crisis or depression. Is this something rooted in the European history that has an effect on you and your music? 

Khâron: That's the main reason why I chose the name. I feel like we are starting to feel the same annui and disillusionment that people  felt back in the XIXth century. All art created during this century was full of melancholy, rage and raw emotions in general, and you can find that in black metal too.

DCL: Beautiful. What is the black metal, or just metal scene in general, like where you are located in Spain? Do you play shows? If so, what has the reaction been to like?

Khâron: The black metal scene in Spain is currently pretty small, there are almost no gigs where I live, but luckily there are amazing bands like Aversio Humanitatis, Licurgo, 13th Moon or Deleznable (to name a few) that keep the black metal scene alive and well. But that's just the black metal scene,

the metal scene in general is doing pretty well and is growing bigger every day.

BUT no, unfortunately I don't play shows. 

DCL: Glad you’re holding it down! So, Who are your favorite current bands, black metal or otherwise,  that are active at the moment?

Khâron: Lately I've been obsessed with Devil Master, which play a pretty cool blend of punk and black metal. Other bands I've been listening to a lot lately are Monolord (awesome doom from Sweden), Wiegedood (black metal band formed by members of Oathbreaker and Amenra) and Vein (hardcore punk from Boston).

DCL: Do you have any plans for the future of Mal Du Siècle? Album? Shows?

Khâron: I'm currently writing a full length which I'd like to release this year. At the moment I have no plans about playing live, but time will tell...

DCL: What is your favorite Black Sabbath album?

Tough question haha. I'd say Paranoid since War Pigs is probably my favorite Black Sabbath song.


you heard it here first and there ya have it, freaks!! All hail the might and powerful Mal Du Siècle… and be sure to check out his debut ep release by our friends at Death kvlt productions at the link below!!