Mick’s Jaguar at howlers 10/26/18 - pittsburgh, pa


alert the authorities!!

Lock up your daughters! Hide your stash! A jaguar with an unquenchable thirst for sex, drugs, and rock & roll has just escaped from the Brooklyn Zoo!! And that jaguar just happen’s to belong to our good friend, Mick. Hardly the most threatening thing to ever escape from the dungeons of the lower East Side, but these dudes brought enough New York hard hitting rock attitude to Pittsburgh in a 45 minute set than most bands do in a life time. Being no stranger to their music and a very vocal fan of their work here on DeathComesLifting.com and out on the tough streets of real life, I have to say that their live performance did not disappoint me in the least. And at very least, they live up to their ever climbing standards of rock n roll debauchery and hellrides. Fast cars and big fist bumps heavily included. 

Taking the Howler’s stage at 11:45 pm sharp, when most shows are ended and the bands are sleeping off the night.. Mick’s Jag are just finishing their alcoholic beverages in one fell swoop and turning the amps up to 12. Starting with the razor-sharp riffery of the man himself Don Chino, his 6-string slaying hits you in the face like a pound of blow and his rock n roll attitude permeates the air in a way that’d make Joe Perry feel ashamed of himself. Frontman and brains of the operation, John Martin, feeds off Chino’s energy and throws it back up at the crowd as he pours the blood, sweat, and tequila into his rip roaring performance. They prove to be an insanely dynamic duo as they captivate the audience, furiously crank out the tunes and hit signature stage moves while most importantly, have fun doing it. High energy and not missing a beat the entire set, complete with a harmonica solo like a cherry on top of a pile of whipped cream on a hooker. Sorry, gotta be politically correct these days… prostitute. Thats not to say that the rest of the band does not have their stage presence or purpose, they certainly do and balance out each other perfectly. The awesome bass work of Jack Ridley thunders through the sound and keeps the band locked in that ever delicious punk-esque groove and the bad ass rhythm guitar work of Grace Hollander was exactly where it needed to be, and never did a blue telecaster look so good. But no band could rock to maximum capacity without the driving force, the drummer. And Sam Coop kept the bongo banging tight, the energy high, and hit em with a vengeance the whole time.


From the opening notes of their set through the larger-than-life drunkenly chanted choruses, tasty guitar licks, rock n roll screams of fury and stage antics that bands don’t have the balls to even try to pull off anymore… Mick’s Jaguar make it clear that they are bringing rock n roll BACK. No question about it. But they do it in such a way that they completely have their own style and personality, making them a truly talented, unique, and just simply a great band underneath all the blood, beer stains, and rock n roll glamour. They truly do have a unique style thats pretty difficult to pin down, but it translates even better in a live performance than it does on their record. as if I thought that was going to be possible. Tunes like Damnation and Call The Guy might have more of a punk-punch to them, while tunes like Here Comes the Night and the epic conclusion of The Real Boss are pure rock n roll glory. Seeing these dudes live is an experience you’ll only regret if you are basically the lamest person of all time. They are currently embarking on their first tour across the East our fine country to make America rock again. DON”T MISS THEM!! Special thanks to them for making it out to Pittsburgh and thanks to howler’s for being such a cool place to host them. Check em out here: