Album Review: Fame and Fortune by Mick's Jaguar

Ladies, rejoice! Mick's Jaguar are here to save rock n roll! "And we're here, and we're not / And we drink, and we drive / I'll tell ya, honey, it's hard to be alive" The Real Bosses protest on the opening track of their full-length debut, Fame and Fortune; a direct descendant of the raw power era of 70's hard rock, punk, and glam. And that right there should tell you Mick's Jaguar know what rock n roll is really about; and that theme rides a diesel-fueled Mustang through the heroin-laced veins of the entire record. If you are not akin to music being a little dangerous, then I suggest you stop right here. For the rest of us who would love nothing more than for our music to take us on a booze-soaked, razor-sharp, sexy-at-3 AM, no holds barred, drug-laced thrill ride... then, lets get it on:

Like bastard sons straight outta the loins of The Stones, Iggy Pop, New York Dolls, AC/DC, Sex Pistols, and... well, you get it, all the shit that really rocks. Ad while you're at it, throw in some good 'ol New Orleans blues guitar rejects for good measure; and I'd say that's a pretty fair surmise of Brooklyn's own Mick's Jaguar. Literally starting out as a Stones cover band and ripping apart the club circuit at Brooklyn's finest and surroundings, the band of criminals Mick's Jaguar have more than cut their predatory teeth in and outside of the music business.. proving them to be one hell of a great rock n roll band. And it also proves why there are so few of them around today. Teaming up the with always incredible, almighty, Riding Easy Records, Mick's Jaguar have released their debut record with their sights set on bringing the good 'ol days of rock n roll back to the masses. While that seems to be a daunting and even impossible task these days, Fame and Fortune is at least one giant flying roundhouse kick sealed with a middle finger of a step in the right direction. 

Aside from adding having the pure character and adding that element of danger and rebellion to music that it so desperately lacks in the confines of rock n roll anymore, they can actually play their instruments too! How crazy is that? Having listened to the record countless times at this point, and as it is currently spinning in my ear as I type this review sitting next to my record player, I can definitely say that they are no "cover band." Although the element of nostalgia and longing for 1974 is there, especially on the love-letter of a track "Damnation", there is so much more to be heard and offered from Mick and his Jaguar. The first thing you notice about the record is it is not afraid to get your attention, much as they are not afraid to write a goddamn RIFF. And let it be loud, for fuck's sake. Based on the album's credits, they have 3 members contributing to guitar duties, and they don't waste any of that talent. From the main riffs to the bridges, breakdowns, and solos that groove straight to hell; this is some of the best guitar work I've heard on a straight up rock record in a WHILE. Shout out to lead guitarist Alex Forbes for handling business on that one. My love for the guitar aside, the rest of the band does not fall short in any way. Mike D on bass is exactly where he needs to be the entire record; grooving, jamming, and carrying these tunes next to the relentlessly catchy drums of Sam Cooper. All of that behind the only-gets-better vocal performance of singer John Martin. His voice being equal parts gritty blues singer and angry heavy meal party animal, its hard to go wrong with this one. Some songs make you wanna break expensive stuff, some songs make you wanna party and do expensive stuff, and some songs might even make you cry.. either way, I can guarantee you'll have a good time and be singing this in the shower for days to come.They have everything from screaming, pounding raw punk jams to the bluesiest, sleaziest (in the best way) rock song you could ever wanna hear.... with a shot of lyrics written straight from the hard-lived rock n roll soul; this is the real deal. While I mostly review and give a lot of praise to metal and hardcore, I can honestly say this is my favorite record of the year. While the tributes to the gods are there, Mick's Jaguar is no gimmick. They display nothing but pure musicianship and desire to fuckin' rock. They have hooks for days, powerful melodies, and arena-ready choruses that you definitely need in your life right now. Along with a shot of whiskey and a joint, because, what's rock n roll really about? That's right. Stick it to the man. You can thank me later. OR buy a t-shirt right here on deathcomeslifting.com ! Wait, what? Just kidding. All proceeds go to tickets to the next closest Mick's Jaguar show, because I am there. You should be too. Give this record to a friend, maybe along with Funhouse by the Stooges or Paranoid by Black Sabbath, and let 'em know what real music is. Til next time, my friends.

Rock Rating: 5/5

Gym Rating: 5/5 ... cuz why not?

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