The Monster Maker program

Lift weights. drink blood. The monster maker is specifically designed to make you build muscle, burn fat, and increase performance / survive the zombie apocalypse. designed by the death comes lifting certified strength& conditioning coach; this program combines principles from crossfire, old school bodybuilding, powerlifting, and sports-specific training to build yourself into a monster that dr. Frankenstein could dream up in his worst nightmare. enter if you dare... 


phase 1: the slasher

this is the classic bodybuilding phase with a deadly twist. by focusing mainly on  the tired and true lifting  performed with a gruesome addition  basic crossfit functional cardio to help not only look freaky as hell, but perform freaky as well.

phase 2 : Creature feature

now it's time to get strong. Here we focus more on powerlifting and olympic level crossfit lifting principles to add some boom to your boomstick. but thats no excuse to keep your cardio down.. there will be blood.

Phase 3: Monster

now its time to use what we stitched together. this combines all principles from the previous phases on even builds on those. This is when lightning strikes.. and you're shredded. fat loss and strength gains will continue. its aLive!!!!