slasher: weeks 1-4

who will survive and what will be lift of them??

who will survive and what will be lift of them??



the purpose of this phase is primarily building and shaping muscles as well as improving overall conditioning. this split is as follows: 

day 1: arms & abs, Day 2: Legs, Day 3: cardio/core/recovery, day 4: chest & Back, Day 5: Shoulders & Core, Days 6&7: cardio/recovery

you will follow the first block of workouts for weeks 1 & 3, and the second for weeks 2&4. when you return to the workouts you've already done, you should have improved and be able to push more weight and increase intensity. for example, the weights you use in week 3 should be heavier than week one.

not only do we want to build muscle, but we want to shape it to. this is where we start to introduce metabolic conditioning at the end of every lifting day. Metabolic conditioning is a fancy way of saying cardio, functional cardio to be exact. we will utilize basic crossfit training concepts to increase your cardiovascular fitness and endurance through things like rowers, kettlebells, etc... last time I checked ellipticals aint gonna help you survive the zombie apocalypse.

without further ado...

weeks 1&3

day 1: monday gunday: arms, abs, & metabolic conditioning

trisets: preform all 3 exercises back to back with no rest, then  rest 2 min before repeating x3 then moving onto the next triset. heavy reps to build strength, higher reps to build size & increase volume, and throwing some abs in there for good luck.

triset 1:

close grip bench press - 5 , seated alternating dumbbell hammer curl - 10, dragon flags (on bench) - 15

triset 2:

barbell curls- 5 , seated Dumbbell overhead tricep extensions - 10, kneeling rope cable crunch - 15

triset 3:

ez bar attachment cable tricep pushdowns - 15, ez bar attachment cable curls - 15, cable wood chops - 15/side


45 second Max effort row

45 second flr 

repeat x6


day 2: werewolves on wheels: legs & metabolic conditioning

Supersets are utilized this day instead of trisets like the day before. same concept just with 2 exercises instead of 3. low reps again are for strength and density of the muscle, high reps to "pump."  repeat each superset x3 before moving onto the next one

superset 1:

barbell back squat - 6 & lying leg curl machine - 12

superset 2: 

dumbbell romanian deadlift - 6 & leg extension machine - 12

superset 3:

leg press - 30, 20, 10 & hack squat machine - 10,20,30  *pyramid & reverse pyramid method*


10 min amrap (as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes)

5 side med ball throws against wall

5 burpees

5 side med ball throws against wall (other side)

10 med ball overhead walking lunges


day 3: CHILLER: cardio/core/recovery

here in the training dungeons of death comes lifting we do not believe in rest days aka doing nothing. even though this is not a scheduled gym day, you gotta move your ass. It'll increase blood flow to your wrecked muscles, helping you process nutrients and improve and recover quicker. you think there are rest days in the zombie apocalypse too? no chance.  here were just gonna do a steady state cardio, 20 minutes, nothing crazy, just move. im also a huge supporter of yoga stretches and foam rolling for recovery. do that too, freaks.

example workout:

20-30 min walking on an incline treadmill (or outside.. or swimming.. or rowing... or biking.. whatever you enjoy!!!

max plank x3


basic flow - mountain to forward fold, halfway lift to mountain, mountain to down dog, down dog to up dog, up dog to Childs pose, Childs pose to pigeon ... x3

foam roll legs and back 5-10 min


day 4: REUTRN OF THE LIFTING DEAD: chest & back, metabolic conditioning

back to supersets! this time we're pyramiding the supersets (up in weight, lower in reps witch each set) paying tribute to how Arnold used to do it, and the mummy.  but don't worry, well get back to trisets tomorrow.  repeat each superset x3. *throws knife* stick around...

superset 1:

incline dumbbell chest press: 20, 15, 10, 5 & wide grip pull ups - as many as possible

superset 2:

flat barbell bench press (feet up - works the core! and will make you stronger for the next phase when our feet are down - powerlifting style) - 10 & bent over barbell rows - 10

superset 3:

cable crossover - 30, 20, 10 & single arm dumbbell rows 20, 19, 5/arm



pushups & burpees


day 5: DEMON DELTS: shoulders, abs, & Metabolic conditioning

time for those terrifying trisets again!! its the last lifting day of the week so make it count. here we start to introduce olympic style lifting in the metcon just a little bit. in the form of a power clean. don't be scared... yet.

triset 1:

strict standing barbell military presses - 5, bent over rear delt flies - 10, 1 minute plank

triset 2: 

standing single arm dumbbell side lateral raises - 5/arm, seated dumbbell Arnold presses - 10, decline sit ups- 15

triset 3:

barbell shrugs - 5, rope face pull 10, hanging leg raises - 15


10 minute evil amrap

6 power cleans

60 sec max row

6 heavy med ball slams


days 6&7: light cardio & recovery

take a break from the gym but don't forget to move your ass!

stretching/yoga and foam rolling comes highly recommended!



weeks 2&4 

day 1: pull of acid: back from the dead: back, biceps, & Metabolic conditioning

for these weeks we take a break from the supersets and trisets, focusing on mainly straight sets. How we increase volume, however, is by increasing the number of sets and decrease rest time between sets. straight from the necronomicon... 

deadlifts 6x6

close grip pulldown 5x10

hammer strength machine low row 5x10

chin ups 4x failure

barbell bicep curls 6x6

standing alternating dumbbell curl 5x10

reverse grip ez bar preacher curl 4x15


assault bike sprints 30seconds x 5 - max effort


day 2: don't push the reaper: chest, triceps, & Metabolic conditioning 

incline barbell bench press 6x6

flat bench feet elevated dumbbell fly 5x10

hammer strength machine alternating incline press 5x10

dips 4x failure

barbell skull crusher 6x6

tricep rope extensions 5x10

single arm dumbbell overhead extensions 4x15/arm


10 abmat situps w/ med ball chest throw against wall

30 second side plank

10 wall balls

30 second side plank (opposite side)

10 double unders 


day 3: killer cardio: sprints

to switch it up from the steady state cardio and core days in weeks 1&3, we are going to run high intensity interval style cardio. this means go max effort for 30 seconds, rest for the 2 minutes completely. 

7 rounds

sprint 30 sec / rest 2 minutes

yoga/dynamic stretching 15 min

day 4: sickening shoulders: shoulders, & Metabolic COnditioning 

seated dumbbell military press 6x6

standing dumbbell lateral to front raises 5x10

behind the neck barbell presses 5x10

barbell shrugs 5x10

rear delt reverse cable flyes 4x15


row 1000m 

10 hanging leg raises 

10 burpees



day 5: the zombie walk: legs & metabolic conditioning 

barbell front squat 6x6

barbell back squat 5x10

seated leg curl 5x10

leg press 5x10

weighted walking lunges 4x15 steps/leg


5 minutes max burpees


days 6&7:

you know the drill.

lift weights. drink blood.