phase 3: monster



so you think you wanna be a monster, eh? you think you've got what it takes to handle all the responsibility that  comes with? odds are, if you made it to this point, you probably do.  and I'm proud of you, my minions of fitness.  but it ain't easy bein' freaky, my friends. the final phase, weeks 8-12, will take you on a spine-tingling, fat-incinerating, muscle fiber-ripping, strength building journey to make you the sexiest monster on the block.

specifically, this phase will follow a different split yet again from the other phases of the program, because like any good supervillian mastermind, I love keeping you guessing.  from week one til now, you've built up a level of fitness that you (probably) didn't have when you started. We've got your muscles, joints, mind & Soul adequately acquainted with the stimuli of many different forms of training. You're muscles should be bigger, you should be stronger, your cardiovascular system should be well tightened up from the intensity and metabolic conditioning, and (if youre eating properly) your metabolism should be fiercer than the fire that burned down the windmill at the end of Frankenstein. But, just like the monster, you will not die! in fact, all that means is, you're in better shape... therefore you can do more and rest less. At least for this 4 week phase. that is why we are going to implement a 4 days on / 1 day off training split that we are going to cycle through for 4 weeks of hell.

we are going to take all we've learned and accomplished in the first two phases and kinda stitch it together, throw some new parts in the mix, add some lightning, and were good to go... day 1 is going to be a powerlifting specific workout. day 2 is "crossfit" style. Day 3 is a sexy bodybuilding day. day 4 is strictly cardio to recover and rip ya up like shreddy Krueger. day 5 is your beloved day of resting and feasting, growing and recovering further. then were back to powerlifting and so forth. this is designed specifically to not overtrain you, but to maximize your potential for growth and increase in overall fitness. the workout styles stay constant, but the specific movements change so keep checkin.. you with me? *the sky grows dark* ...its alive!



day 1: Powerlifting: bench press

*reminder: before every workout, always properly warm up. spending 5-15 minutes focusing on areas we are working within this workout and any areas that are tight or bothering you. you can't be a monster if you fuck yourself up so train safe and smart my friends* 

bench press- spend 15 minutes finding your 1 rep max. we will then test this on the final week and you'll see it grow before your eyes! recommended progression:                                       5,3,3,2,2,2,1,1,1,1...

incline barbell bench press - 4x8

decline dumbbell fly superset with band pull aparts (squeeze and hold for 3 sec) 4x8

dumbbell skull crushers on floor - 5x6


day 2: crossfit: front squat / leg focus

seated box jump - spend 10-15 minutes finding your max height. start sitting on bench about 2 feet away from box and in one motion jump onto box. add plates to increase height. if you can't increase height, don't worry, it will come. 

front squat - 5x6 superset with Single leg kettlebell deadlifts 5x6/side


3 rft (rounds for time)

20 double unders (or 50 singles)

20 alternating kettlebell squat cleans (10 per side)

20 V-ups


day 3: bodybuilding: shoulders 

standing dumbbell lateral raises - run the rack up and down. start with a light weight you can do for about 15 reps, then immediately grab a heavier set of dumbbells and do as many as possible, and so on for 5 sets. then go back down. this will preexhaust the hell out of the deltoids and shock em into growth! 

seated barbell military press - 4x8

barbell shrugs superset with ez bar front raises - 5x6

all bodybuilding days are short but deadly, especially if you keep the pace up. use some time at the end of your workout to do yoga or mobility stretching. thank me later. don't worry about cardio, that's tomorrow. just work hard and battle the demons.


day 4: cardio

we're going to mix this up cycle. but this is strictly cardio and sometimes core thrown in for good evil measure. nothing too insane, just sweat, work, and recover. boom.

row 5 minutes

1 minute plank




day 5: rest & Feast

self explanatory. this is not hard for a monster to do. really make sure you're eating the proper foods and the proper amounts of macronutrients to ensure adequate recovery and support the demands of this insane program. a vitamin or 6 won't hurt ya either.

and so we begin cycle two...


day 6: powerlifting: squat

I know what you're thinking.. I just wrecked my legs on day 2.. and now we're maxing out on squats?! but your ass, buttercup. at this point, if you're following all the suggested stretching, cardio, recovery, and nutrition techniques; you'll be fine. and you shouldn't be that sore, either. this is a completely different system were taxing from day 2. so lets go.. bring back the head of quadzilla.

squat - spend 15 minutes finding your max. same format as day 1. bring it. stay tight, drive through your heels, breathe, bleed, etc... lets get nasty.

split squat - 4x8/leg holding dumbbell at sides

leg press 4x8

reverse hypers (or ghd or back ext if you don't have one) - 5x6 superset with weighted


day 7: crossfit: snatch / shoulder focus

handstand & handstand pushup practice - 3 handstand kick ups against wall, 3 handstand push ups off box (or wall if you're gangster), 3 wall walks.. x3

 power snatch - 5x6


12 minute amrap

6 toes to bar

30 battle rope swings

6 heavy wall balls

1 rope climb


day 8: bodybuilding: back

lat pulldown pyramid -  20, 15, 10, 5, 10, 15, 20

hammer strength machine low row - 4x8

bent over barbell row 5x6 superset with dumbbell pullovers 5x10


day 9: cardio: footwork, agility, quickness, and fighting

for the alien invasion....

seated box jump - 4x1

high knees through agility ladder superset with cone "t" drill  x2

Iggy (pop) shuffle through agility ladder (2 in one out) superset with cone "L" drill x2

1 minute speed skaters superset with 1 minute punching bag x2

kickboxing on bag 10 minutes


day 10: rest & drink blood



day 11: powerlifting: deadlift

deadlift - speNd 15 minutes finding your 1 rep max. you know the drill. 

1 arm dumbbell or kettlebell row - 4x8/arm

hamstring curl 4x8 superset with pull up Max hold

good mornings - 5x6 (explosive)


day 12: crossfit : push press/ chest/ shoulder focus

ring dips superset with med ball ambit sit ups 5x6

push press 4x8,6,4,2 superset with 3 box jumps

kettle bell swings superset with kettlebell floor press 4x8


500m row

1 minute hollow hold

5 hpc


day 13: bodybuilding: arms

this is my boom stick. locked and loaded. this is one giant arm circuit, perform all exercises back to back with no rest. 10 reps for biceps, 15 for triceps. 4 rounds.

standing alternating dumbbell curl

standing overhead dumbbell tricep extension 

preacher curl machine (or ez bar)

tricep rope pushdowns

reverse cable curl 

cable single arm tricep kick backs (15 per arm)


day 14: cardio

assault bike sprints

5x30 seconds

rest 2 min in between rounds.

show no mercy.


day 15: rest

were halfway there. mentally and physically prepare yourself for final weeks. I strongly suggest some good heavy metal music and your favorite cheat meal.. you've earned it.



day 16: powerlifting: bench press

bench press -  we are in fact going to max out again on all our lifts, and you should in fact notice an increase. take your time on this, throw on the death comes lifting playlist and unleash the fury!

incline dumbbell fly - 4x8 

single arm dumbbell flat press 5x6/arm

cable crossover- 4x12 superset with max push ups


day 17: crossfit: overhead squat / leg focus

box jump - same deal as the seated box jump from day 2, except you should be stronger and have had enough box jump practice to kill this. forget Spiderman, you're venom. bring it. spend 15 minutes or so finding your max height box jump!

overhead squat- 5x6

double kb front rack walking lunges - 4x8 superset single leg kb deadlifts  - 4x8/leg


4 rft

5 snatches

5 burprees

30 sec flr


day 18: bodybuilding: shoulders

seated dumbbell shoulder press: 4x12

single arm cable lateral raises superset with behind the neck smith machine military press  - 5x6

bent over dumbbell rear delt fly superset with reverse fly machine 4x8


day 19: Cardio

med ball circuit

10 slams

10 wall balls

10 side throws against wall/side


jump rope 1 min on / 1 min off


agility ladder practice - 5-10 minutes


day 20 : rest 

... you know what to do.


day 21: powerlifting : squat

Squat: find your max. I have faith in you. true monsters will never. ever. skip legs.

goblet squat (with heavy kb or db) - 4x8 superset with ghd 4x8

leg extension machine superset with sissy squats - 5x6


day 22: crossfit : snatch/shoulder focus

toes to bar superset with kettlebell swings 3x8

snatch - spend 15 minutes working up to a 3 rep max

5/arm single arm alternating kettlebell snatches superset with 10 pushups x3


10 min amrap

row 250m

5 hang power cleans

5 med ball slams

day 23 : bodybuilding : back

wide grip pull ups 4x AMAP superset with kneeling straight arm rope pulldowns 4x10

bent over reverse grip barbell row superset with close grip lat pulldowns 5x6

barbell bicep curls 4x10


day 24: cardio

suicides : 5 sets , 2 min rest between sets

battle ropes: 30 seconds x5 , 2 min rest in between sets

boxing - punching bag 1 min on/ 1 min off 10 min


day 25: rest!!

this is the final rest day of the program. make good use of it. drink plenty of water (and blood, of course), eat your protein, and stretch out those corpses. we're almost there, monsters.


day 26: powerlifting : deadlift

deadlift  - last time we'll find our max.. so enjoy it. take your time. do not sacrifice form for more weight. this is the end of the program, so make it good and make it count!!

single arm db row - 5x6/arm 

reverse hypers 4x8 superset with max pull up hold 

db shrugs 5x10


day 27 : Crossfit : thruster / shoulder focus

thrusters - spend 15 minutes practicing and warming up. start with a pvc pipe, then barbell, then slowly add weight until you find a good weight for 5 reps. continue on to do 4 more sets. 5x5. full front squat into full overhead press.

single arm alternating kb clean & press - 4x8 /arm superset with burpees 4x8


12 min amrap

10 overhead med ball walking lunges

5 wall walks

10 box jumps

5 wall walks


day 28: bodybuilding : total body : mad monster party

congratulations. we've made it to the last day of the monster maker. feel like one? you should. you've earned and I'm proud of all you freaks. we're going to end this on a good, somewhat 'easier', note. so crank the tunes, and enjoy this bodybuilding finisher to ensure maximum evil sexiness. 

incline dumbbell bench press superset with seated cable row 3x10

seated dumbbell Arnold press superset with standing alternating hammer curls 3x10

tricep rope extensions super set with kneeling rope cable crunch 3x10

leg extension super set with leg curl 3x10

.... take a break for a week or 2 after this. deload. reload. enjoy your monster physique and enhanced supervillian physical abilities. and never stop rocking.