Album Review: Suffer to Abuse by Rotten Sound

Well, lets get to the fucking point, shall we? Tell me how you really feel! Because that’s exactly what Rotten Sound does on their new EP, “Suffer to Abuse.” From the opening power chord to the last echoing snarl, Rotten Sound performs a 12-minute assault on all  senes and hardly lets up for a goddamn second. So, if you’re into that sort of musical machoism, like myself, you’ll dig this.

    Now, I am far from the definitive opinion on grindcore (which is very much what Rotten Sound is), in fact I would say I have to least experience with this hellish metal sub-genre as opposed to the others, but, needless to say I fucking love it anwyay.  Although I know, love, and definitely appreciate the genre and its titans like Napalm Death & Co.. I hardly find myself digging deep into the underground of grindcore. But, after having been infected by the Rotten Sound, that’s something that’s just going to have to change. 

    Going into this with for better or for worse little exception and as aforementioned above, little real knowledge of the band and its genre, I was blown away. Well, I should say, vaporized by an alien blaster cannon out of this dimension… because that suits the vibe of this record more sufficentl. Although not having known much, all the ducks were in a row for me to like this record. I probably have ADD so when I see the longest song on the record is less than 2:30? I’m in. Total album length 12 minutes? Fuck yeah. Awesome band name? Double fuck yeah. Finding out their from Finland which ignites the fuse of my musical and just general bias towards the UK? Completely sold. I’m ready, I got my 6th cup of jet black coffee, I’ll find something to be pissed off about, so let’s fucking go.

    My first impression of the EP was, and to an extent still is, Rotten Sound is here to wreck your shit. This is purely some classic grindcore that I’d stack up with the best of ‘em. They don’t reinvent the wheel. If anything they throw that goddamn wheel in the fire. Their songs are short and maniacal. The vocals range from guttural growls to screams of agony. The guitar lives in pure distorted hell, just ripping its way through power chords… no Freebird here, guys. Sorry. The drums are in a constant state of SLOW THE FUCK DOWN (but please don’t), along with the bass that impressively doesn’t get lost in the mix through the violence and distortion (more points with me). The more I had listened to this record, the more I started to really appreciate what it has to offer. Rather than explore the technicality of their playing, although that is definitely there and impressive, I’d rather focus on what really drives this record into the blackened hearts of its listeners, and thats the overall sound and feeling of it. Not since maybe Nails 2016 album “You Will Never Be One of Us,” have I felt an album really capture this vibe… the vibe of pure ravaging violence and spite. 

    The instruments clash and rattle and seemingly feed off each others feedback and distortion in a way that throws the music and into a murderous blender and forces the rotten smoothie down your throat. Combine that with, for my money, the most impressive vocals from singer Keijo Niinimaa I’ve heard on a grindcore record in a while. Seriously, this dude spits pure weapons. But, he does it in such a way that you can almost understand the lyrics and he plays with his range just enough to make it interesting. Throw in a slightly slower tune in the middle “Stressed Mess,” so you can catch your breath and relive some stress and hatred, a few catchy “breakdown” parts, and end with a 51 second punch to the throat… I say you got yourself extreme metal EP of the year. Strong words? Maybe. But for me, Rotten Sound not only reinvigorated my interest in grindcore… forcing my hand into exploring that dark little realm of the metal world more intuitively, it is impressive, fun, cool, violent and genuine. And most importantly, this isn’t disappearing from the lifting playlist anytime soon.

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