nosfera-too sexy shoulders

nice delts ya got there...

nice delts ya got there...


re-vamp your traps

Dumbbell Shrugs 10x10 w/ 10 sec hold at the top .... ever notice how he walks with his traps in a constantly flexed position?? your turn. that's just the warm up.

count (your reps) orlok's high volume delt demolisher

standing barbell military presses 5x15

seated dumbbell Arnold presses 5x15

single arm cable lateral raises 5x15/arm

ain't dead yet?...

zombie walks - grab light dumbbells and hold them out to your sides.. find an open space in the gym and walk back and forth until you can't possibly hold them up any longer. then do that 3 more times.

Sit ups (from your coffin) - lay on decline bench and sit up as fast as you can, 5 second count on the way back down. Do as many as possible. 5 sets.