Our Mission

Health and wellness is no longer lame and exclusively for jocks and underwear models. we are bringing fitness and self-empowerment to the people with a punk-rock attitude. Our mission is to inform, clothe, and encourage anyone who wants to get their freak on and make something happen in the gym or in the studio. We intend to provide high quality, locally sourced fitness attire that anyone can wear to the gym or local record store as well.

Death Comes Lifting will do everything in our power to support artists in our local community and beyond. fitness clothes are not the only canvases lacking genuine art, most mediums are. We want to provide a platform, support system, community, and outlet for all passionate artists, athletes, and musicians. And we will continue to stand up for imagination, willpower, and creativity until long after the night takes us.

Fight the power. Stick it to the man. And never let the bastards get you down.