#6 - HEAVY MENTAL w/ Chris Grosso : A Horror Punk's Guide to Spirituality, Mediation, & Well-Being.

Chris is a best-selling author of works such as The Indie Spiritualist & Dead Set On Living. He also recently started writing for Fangoria, arguably the most prominent horror publication of all time. We talk mediation, mental health, living a better life, and how it can all be related to our favorite subjects of horror, punk rock, and of course… SLAYER!!!

#5 -Hollywood Babble-On Vol.1 : Solocast, Q&A, and The Three From Hell w/ Zak Bellante

On this very first SOLO Tales From The Lift, I answer your.. yes, YOUR... questions!! I talk a little health, I talk a little music, and I talk a lot of shit. also, I explain why I believe Three From Hell is Rob Zombie’s best film. Come and get it!!!

#4 - You Are Good Enough w/ Josh McIntyre (CrossFit St. Clair)

On this very special TALES FROM THE LIFT episode, I sit down with one of my best friends, my mentor, and extraterrestrial killing machine, Josh McIntyre. He is not only the head CrossFit Coach & manager of our home gym (CROSSFIT ST. CLAIR), ROLE MODEL-STATUS FAMILY MAN WITH THE BODY OF A PYTHON & THE MIND OF SCIENTIST… he was a former drug-addicted criminal FROM THE RUGGED LANDS OF HOMESTEAD WHO found salvation through fitness, Star Wars, Jesus, and The Wu-Tang Clan. In all seriousness, he was kind & brave enough to share his incredible JOURNEY IN FULL, WHICH makes this important episode deliver an inspiring message THAT you’d be doing yourself a GRAVE disservice by missing. Coming from one of the realest cats you’ll ever want to meet, I am continuously honored to converse with him and infinitely grateful for his time, friendship, and support. DIG IT UP… YOU WON’T BE SORRY. HUGE LOVE.

#3 - The Curse Of FRANKENJAHN! w/ John Michael Simmons

It is Death Comes Lifting’s pleasure to formally introduce John Michael “Frankenjahn” Simmons to the Lifting Dead Army. He invades DCL’s home crypt to discuss his ghastly injuries and how he overcame & continues to plunder grave-deep obstacles on the road to his first powerlifting competition post-leg-amputation!! In addition to being a pure inspiration to all heavy metal lifters; he is our first sponsored athlete & a genuine USDA-certified bad motherfucker. He is also one of my very best friends. DO NOT MISS OUT on this horror tale full of blood, limbs, gyms, and motivation.

music, movies, psychology

#2 - Making A Misfit w/ Erick Godsey (The Myths That Make Us)

it is a great honor to welcome such an insightfully deranged & brilliant individual, whose meatsuit is conditioned to respond to the name, Erick Godsey. He crashed in on Episode 2 of the Death Comes Lifting Podcast. He is a psychology wizard and a mad man of all sorts. We dove deep into the abyss of the psyche of not only me personally, but of all my fellow freaks in general. Exploring why we like the fucked up shit that we like… and why misfits even exist in the first place. if you were looking for a light-hearted conversation to sip your sparkling mineral water to, look elsewhere. This is full of chainsaws, blood, childhood trauma, and all kinds of mental therapy. It was a real pleasure. I hope you enjoy it. Big love energy.

health, music

#1 - Blind In Texas w/ Wyatt Hagerty!! (Predicaments, Onnit)

Greetings, freaks!! Thank you for joining us for episode one of the Death Comes Lifting podcast. WARNING: we are not afraid to get real weird real fast, so proceed with caution, a protein shake, and an axe!!! I, your host & Crypt keeper, Zak Bellante, sit down live with my best ghoul/co-crypt keeper/big-spiritual-energy guru, Wyatt Hagerty, for an introductory lesson on Death Comes Lifting: the beginning, the future, the grave, love, death, and the beyond. Recorded at the official Onnit podcast studio in Austin, Texas. Get up, get down, and get with it. The Lifting Dead ARE coming for you.