#4 - You Are Good Enough w/ Josh McIntyre (CrossFit St. Clair)

On this very special TALES FROM THE LIFT episode, I sit down with one of my best friends, my mentor, and extraterrestrial killing machine, Josh McIntyre. He is not only the head CrossFit Coach & manager of our home gym (CROSSFIT ST. CLAIR), ROLE MODEL-STATUS FAMILY MAN WITH THE BODY OF A PYTHON & THE MIND OF SCIENTIST… he was a former drug-addicted criminal FROM THE RUGGED LANDS OF HOMESTEAD WHO found salvation through fitness, Star Wars, Jesus, and The Wu-Tang Clan. In all seriousness, he was kind & brave enough to share his incredible JOURNEY IN FULL, WHICH makes this important episode deliver an inspiring message THAT you’d be doing yourself a GRAVE disservice by missing. Coming from one of the realest cats you’ll ever want to meet, I am continuously honored to converse with him and infinitely grateful for his time, friendship, and support. DIG IT UP… YOU WON’T BE SORRY. HUGE LOVE.