Procreation by Social Apathy

Blackened. Hardcore. Punk. From, Athens… Greece. SAAAY WHAAAAT?? I am absolutely, worthlessly, intrigued. Everything I thought was important is suddenly no more. Here’s to clearing a solid hour out of my day to immediately ingest the sounds of Social Apathy. Being a music student, fan, connoisseur, pretentious metalhead with a stubborn punk rock attitude, or whatever I shall be declared; I can confidently self diagnose myself with a musical disease, much like social apathy. If I did not hear this and spew my feelings about it to all 5 of you freak readers, I would be severely upset about it. I have this void in my mind and soul for new forms of musical expression and things I’ve yet to discover. It’s like, I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription, is blackened thrash metal. Therefore it’s not a stretch to be listening to B-sides and rare outtakes of say a 60’s rhythm and blues act then march my way over to the opening darkly thrashed out riffs and screams of SHUT THE FUCK UP by SOCIAL APATHY without as much as batting an eyelash. It took a while for me to develop the muscles to adequately pick up my musical ego and shatter it against the wall. I don’t know if this is the correct introduction for this piece but hey.. this is my mindset going into this. Pure, almost childlike, excitement for the vulgar and profane. Supported by chaotic instrumentation, of course. Complete with a rare readable logo and grim album artwork that is among the coolest of the year, I’m all set. Let’s dive in… like that baby on the cover is about to do.

Crying havoc and letting slip the dogs of war with some nice, classically catchy, thrash metal riffery is never a bad way to get this ball of death and destruction rolling. When the vocals kick in I can’t help but be reminded of (one of my very favorite extreme metal acts of all time) Macabre, with a slightly more punk element to them. They provide a catchy and chunky rhythm, with a lovely, blistering edge to it. They seem to be pursuing a very abrasive, black metal production with more of punk imbedded in the rhythm. This makes the overall vibe is very wicked; if I do say so myself. So far, so good. With the purely poetic chorus “shut the fuck up” being harshly vocalized over a powerfully distorted, clunky and punky rhythm, it is pure adrenaline and evil. What’s going on over there in Greece?? I like it, whatever it is.

If the opening track was more of an exercise in thrashy death, this next tune, Under Command, is where the hardcore punk is dwelling. Intense speed, maximum volume, galloping riffs and prominent power chords, sounding like somebody pissed in Lemmy’s Wheaties (yes I am comparing them to a more evil version of Motorhead and if that’s not a compliment I don’t know what is), Social Apathy prove they are here to absolutely wreck shit with this record. So far, more than anything, I’m noticing the percussion is absolutely relentless and ever prominent. I don’t normally gravitate towards the drums, although I certainly appreciate them, but something about this production just makes the drums stand out. It could be their very DIY punk type approach that makes them sound so cool.. like they are beating on coffin lids with a femur bone, in the best of ways. But, that’s certainly not to stay the guitar and other sections aren’t brining it. I feel the guitar is more well composed and catchy than it has any right to be within the blackened punk world, I was expecting straight, relentless rhythm here the whole time but there is certainly groove and some great riffs to be unearthed here. Pushing on and beginning to show more of the Slayer influence on its sleeve, Social Apathy provide screeching evil solos and riffs that’ll echo through the caverns of the underworld. The guitar and bass sections sound more melodic at times, but that makes the agonizing barks of the vocals even cooler playing against it. Showing their ability to effortlessly weave in and out of genre bending styles makes the record an infinitely more interesting and worthy listen. Of course they stay true to their thrash/punk roots, but they expanding and differentiate their sound rather often not just from song to song, but within songs as well. One second they are locked into a thrashing, riff - heavy groove, and in the next the spiral into a black metal guitar tremolo with tight and thunderous drumming, and the next second we are in a state of bass heavy doom, all while keeping their signature edge about them. I won’t give it a way, but there is even some brilliantly placed CLEAN SINING lurking within the shadows of this record. Quite the bold move, but they pull it off wonderfully, fathering establishing their quality musicianship and ability to compose and arrange great songs.

Without getting too prentions, there is certainly some “3 chords and the truth” element to them, as tunes like Empire In Flames sound like Black Flag if they sold their souls to Lucifer. And that beautiful blend of hard hitting punk and golden era black metal probably never sounded better. The self-titled, 9-minute, concluding epic, is absolutely worth the wait. This song has all of the elements of the band and is a perfection swan song to the album. Opening with a classic metal, blazing guitar melody before breaking down into an all out punk rock assault and sickly layered screams… Social Apathy know how to make a grand exit. Indeed it sounds epic, in terms of punk epic that is. Spitting in the face if it’s elders. Fucking killer solos and guitar licks into blistering full blown black metal breakdowns, it has it all. Once again, Social Apathy almost explores doom territory as well. Then punk. Then doom. Then metal. Then how much more can the devil take, I don’t know. I just love this shit and want to break shit. Not really, I’m civilized more or less… but this exhibits pure raw desire to play heavy music at its finest. Even with low production value (seemingly) they use it to their advantage. This sounds like an awesome old demo that you’d find in a cellar of a Norwegian record store in late 80’s or something. It sounds like something you missed because it was so underground and fucked up that you weren’t allowed to hear it. But the beauty of it is, you are allowed to hear it. In fact, it is available on their Bandcamp that I have linked so graciously for you below, and I implore you to check it out.

Rating: 4/5

Gym Rating: 4/5

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