“No You” by Rainbow Grave

Doom, punk, psych, sludge, negativity, Napalm Death - ok, let’s be honest, you had me at doom. But, those are just a few maggots sunken into the corpse that Rainbow Graves has to offer on their debut full-length, No You. You talking to me? No, YOU! Me? Yeah! SHIT. Well, here in the crypt we are always on a rabid search and destroy mission for those providing soundtrack to blood-drenched iron pumping and solemn vampiric mediative therapy sessions, and there is none other candidate this time around than Rainbow Grave’s No You. Constructed upon the graves from founding members of the aforementioned grind lords Napalm Death; as well as, but not limited to, Doom, Scorn, and the mighty; Sore Throat. Although thee be warned, I would be weary to deem these boisterous Birmingham-based bastards that of a “supergroup” , because there is hardly anything “super” about them at all. Rather, their strength & powers align with that of the anti-super; the recess, the void, the down, the villain. Anti-hero depressive punk that’s certainly not afraid of a guitar tone found only thriving in the oozing sewers of London, spewing vile lyrics with a vocal style not too far off from what you could imagine Jack The Ripper would channel; speaking of the streets of London. And spewing. And ripping. And darkness. Anyway, the utterly filthy tone and themes found within this record are repeatedly inflicting physical and psychological damage upon the listener and then delivered again packaged in a murkier guises, as the psychedelic loop aspect and primal rhythm patterns always make a triumphant and vomit-inducing return… and seem to not let up until the final droning feedback subsides on the concluding track. Sounds like a delightful listening experience, no?

TEN MILLION TONS OF SHIT. Yes, the subtle opening track more than sets the tone - twice - and will leave you writhing in the loathsome doom and absolute hatred painted so vividly on this track. “I hate your car, I hate your shoes, I hate you pets, I hate your face” I’m sure you get the idea. The quirky, joking but actually not joking at all, poetry laced within this sludgy creation perfectly exhume the vibes of the trademark pissy UK punk attitude with some metal middle fingers thrown in the mix. And the delivery, through mazes of distortion and uncompromising bass thumping, refuses to quit. The following tracks “Suicide Pyramid” is not only another perfect song title but also incinerates the fat, cuts the run time, and further pushes in the “punk” direction. All about killing and dying. What more could we ask for? More doom, that’s what. “Year Zero” is a just about 8 minute masterclass in heavy hypnosis and grimy doom that we can’t get enough of - and we’ve tried.

Without boring to pieces our beloved audience with a track by track breakdown and spoiling some moments on the record for you, I urge you to take our fucking word for it - this record is among the best of the year, for a variety of reasons. Of course, all listed above, but moreover than that, the bleak production & critical experimentation stitched together to muster up such a blasphemous creation of melancholy and electric hatred. The pedal board seems to have no limit as Pink Floyd can almost be heard echoing in the distance between caveman drum patterns and Sabbathian vocal cries. And in the drop on a cigarette into your whisky, the tempo will change to trudge through the bone latent swamps of an apocalyptic wasteland; at least, that’s how I’ve envisioned it.

Rainbow Grave’s bio reads “ low rent caveman hate music… disappointment guaranteed.” I find that rather hard to argue against, although, that depends on your definition of disappointment. If you are amongst the traditional normal drones of our population, you may find a slight level of discomfort in the chaotic wailing of the distorted six strings as they are pounded upon like a butcher hacking up a meaty carcass for barbecue, as a founding member of Napalm Death repeatedly barks at you to “DIE!” Your stomach may churn at the endless bass-heavy grooves layered upon elements of pure bleak. You might hate yourself for listening to the whole record, or better yet, hate yourself for loving it. BUT if you are not amongst the traditional lame thinkers of the population, you may just find solace in Rainbow Grave. I sure as shit did.

Rating: 4.5/5

Gym Rating: 5/5

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