Worship The Weird by Sacred Monster

YES!! From the scolding-hot SLAP of faith-melting tone that is the opening riff to the demented laughs of the final vocal, I knew Sacred Monster were indeed here to poison the minds of the normal & incoherent with their ideology commanding us to Worship the Weird. Hailing from the only city in America badass enough to host the unholy beast, Chicago; Sacred Monster are indeed a band of bad motherfuckers here to bring the rapture with classic heavy metal power. Bringing back a lost relic of ancient heavy metal mysticism, the element of the supernatural, fantasy, journey, and horrifying bouts of story-telling; their lyrics and music come to our dimension to haunt us and long for a time that once was… Presumably when wild wolves led by unchained soul-leeching wraiths roamed the lands while the kings and queens of weird decapitated for pleasure… or when heavy metal didn’t quite take itself so seriously. Not as in they don’t take the time to write good music, more in the sense they take the time to write GREAT music while recanting Twilight zone episodes (which they do… and it’s fucking awesome) and ancient prophecies of The Mothman (also awesome). Not to mention in a generally heavy as all hell but easily decipherable form very reminiscent of the almighty Judas Priest, among others. Finally, all with a sense of humor. Displaying nothing but solid musicianship, pure desire to rock, and a masterclass in heavy metal songwriting, Sacred Monster are here to resurrect thy resting metal souls.

More specifically, they sound like King Diamond smoked a coffin full of weed, and Pantera crashed the party with a few bottles of Jack Daniel’s and a lot of Black Sabbath records, flirted with the ouija board… and out spewed forth Worship the Weird. That is, in that sense, the perfect title for the record because Sacred Monster very much pay worship to all the gods of heavy and extreme metal pioneers. Not only do they flawlessly pull off that without sounding like a cover band, as they have very much their unique vibe to them, (perhaps with the extreme heaviness and harshness displayed) that is very much Sacred Monster. Bluesy guitar breakdowns bridge the way to the lands of the unholy dead or through mazes of forgotten father’s faces, to absolutely grotesque riffs propelled the lava-spiced tone of rock ’n roll demons, through breakdowns and grooves thicker and sicker than any pipeline of the nearest morgue, to the screams of demons and the wailing of NWOBHM vocal might and magic… this monster has got it all.

The riffs are written in the sharpest and tightest of heavy metal tradition, with just enough melody to keep you returning for more pain, like most all good things do. Robert Nubel earns his title of Riff Finder General here, showcasing his six-string slaying abilities without giving the listener a second to breather. There is definitely some Iommi here, especially in the “Fairies Wear Boots” vibes fluttering in the verse section of High Confessor, but there is also plenty of thundering power chords of ancient metal titans. Warped, tone heavy, and dangerous. What more do you want? Classic heavy metal obviously would be nothing without guitar, but that isn’t to say the rhythm section is locked in like a helpless demon-possessed metal militia, keeping it tighter than the Devil’s daughter and heavier than hell itself. Powering the tunes and bringing the extra punch that Sacred Monster needed to become what they are, that extra “push” into borderline extreme metal territory, but knowing when to implore their doom-rooted skills to grove it back a bit. Sacred Monster make up the perfect heavy metal band for 2019, and I look forward to their genre rehabilitating records as I believe they have great potential in making their weird worshipped in the heavy metal world.

As much as I am a plain and simple WHORE for the nasty bass, as well as guitar tone and classic riff skill, the vocals are really what drives this one all the way back home to the caverns of the Lovecraftian landscape from which it emerged, for me. The sheer range of this motherfucker is something to be honored and headbang-possessed by. The high notes of Halford to the ripping, thrashy, and darkened vocals of early black metal days. Just look at ‘The Wraith” and you will be questing wether Adam Szczygieł, self-proclaimed, Minister of Screams did indeed sell his should to a darkened deity for those pipes. Delivering the powerful and vidvid, image-invoking and omnipotent lyrics like a serpent spitting ancient seer, Szczygieł provides perfect classic heavy metal vocals for the new age heavy metal band. Sacred Monster prove to be something sacred, indeed, providing the heavy metal world with something it needs a lot more of - fun. And that’s something the world just needs in general, too. Turn your brain off a bit, throw up some devil horns, and fuck it up with Worship The Weird.

Favorite release of the so far.

Rating: 5/5

Gym Rating: 4/5