supreme satanic strength


Enter: the nine week & ninth cirle of helL, transylvania barbell program. This powerlifting, hypertrophy inducing, & undead strength boosting program developed by death comes lifting’s very own strength coach, the magus of muscle, bishop of barbells, the backwoods bezerker himself; roger bailey… is not for beginners, the faint of heart, or the non-blood drinkers.

TERMINOLOGY & exercise selection used within the scripture of this program are that of which more experienced lifters will recognize; for the rest of you children of the night here’s a qucik review…

Rpe = Rating of perceived exertion, based on a scale from 1-10, that is using your undead telepathic abilities to rate how hard you worked on a particular exercise. so, if the program prescribes an rpe of 7, you chose a weight that you believe would challenge you at a 7 out of 10. make sense? good.

Rm & percentages = based on your 1 rep max on a particular movement. If you are unaware of this or don’t wan’t to take your best guess, we recommend taking a week before you start this program to test your 1 rep maxes for the squat, bench press, ad deadlift. Once you have your numbers you will then be able to make an accurate decision regarding the weight used for the program, and calculate all percentages based on that.

This is 9 weeks in transylvanian forests of pain, weights, and of course, blood. keep your barbell close, as it is your light that guides you through this darkness and liftcraft; and your strength gains are the only way you’re making it out alive… The transylvanian hunger to lift is real, and with the gains harnessed from this program, may you reign in eternal glory amongst the lifting dead. and if you don’t leave stronger… you won’t leave at all!!!