week 1



Pause Bench Press: 4x6 (60% of your one rep max)

Incline Close grip Bench press: 3x8, 4th set AMRAP

DumBbell fly:  4x12

Skullcrusher Superset with shoulder band pull-aparts: 4x12

Weighted Sit-ups: 3x12


Barbell back Squat: 4x5 ( 70% of 1rm)

Pause barbell back Squat: 3x10 (50%)

Deficit Single Leg Deadlifts w/ 3 sec Eccentric: 2x6 (RPE of 8), 3rd set  6 (RPE 7)

Leg curls: 3x15 superset with leg extensions: 3x12

Ab wheel 3x12


Pause wide grip bench press: 2x8 ( 55%), 2x6 (65%)

Close-Grip floor press: 3x6

Dumbbell Incline Press: 12,10,8, 20lbs AMRAP

DB side raises: 4x10 superset with DB bent over rear delt fly: 4x12


Opp stance deadlift: 4x6 (65%)

Sumo stance deadlift w/ pause at the knee: 3x5 (55%)

Good mournings: 4x12

Barbell rows: 4x8

Leg raises: 3x12 superset with Db hammer curls: 2x12, 1x10


Front squat: 3x5 (RPE 7)

Lat pulldowns: 12,10,8,8

Db rows: 3x10 (each arm)

Db bicep curls :15,12,12 superset with rope face pulls: 3x12

Weighted decline bench sit ups: 3x12