week 2



Pause Bench Press: 4x6 (65%)

Wide- grip Larsen (feet elevated) barbell bench press: 4x6

Close Grip bench press: 4x12

DB lateral raises: 4x12 superset with rope tricep pushdowns: 4x15

kneeling rope cable crunch: 3x12


Squat: 3x4 (70%) 1x4 ( 75%)

Front squat: 4x8

Lying Hamstring curl machine: 4x12

seated Leg curl machine (Or good mornings): 3x15 superset with leg raises: 3x15


Close grip pause bench press: 10 x3 (60% - 45 sec. rest between sets)

Spoto press (bench press, stopping 2 inches above chest): 4x8 (Rpe of 8)

Db pause bench press: 4x8

Db lateral raises: 4x10 superset with db rear delt fly: 4x12

Dips : 3x AMRAP superset with DB front raises: 3x10


Opp stance deadlift: 10x2 (70%)

Deficit SingLe leg DeadLift: 4x8

BarBell rows: 4x12

Kettlebell SLDL: 3x12 superset with planks: 3x60seconds

DB hammer curls: 4x12 superset with back extensions: 4x20


Front squat: 5x5 (RPE of 7)

Front squat: (lower previous weight by 10%) 3x10

Lat pulldowns: 4x10

DB Shrugs: 3x12 superset with face pulls: 3x12

giant set: 3x12: Ab wheel, db curls, Db rear delt fly