Week 4



Pause Bench: 3x5 ( 75%), 1x6 (72.5%)

Close-grip 2 sec pause bench press: 4x4 (65%)

DB seated Overhead press: 4x12

Db lateral raises: 4x10 superset with db tricep overhead extensions: 4x15

Weighted crunches: 4x12


Squat: 3x5 (RPE 8)

Pause squat: 3x2 (70%)

Back extensions: 4x12

Lying hamstring curl: 3x15 superset planks: 3x 60sec.


Wide-grip 3 sec pause bench Press: 4x4 (Rpe 8)

Close-gripG 2 board press: 4x4 (80%)

DB bench press: 50 reps with 30lb dbโ€™s (as fast as possible)

Db lateral raises: 4x10 superset with Db rear delt fly: 4x10

Dips: 3x Amrap superset with db front raises: 3x10


Opp stance deadlift: 3x2 (80%)

Sumo block (or rack) pulls: 3x4 (80%)

Deficit SLDL: 8,6,4,4

Lying hamstring curls: 3x12 superset with weighted sit-ups: 3x12

Db hammer curls 4x12, superset with back ext: 4x20


Front squats: 5x4 (RPE 7)

sumo deadlift: 12,10,8

BarBell rows: 4x8, superset with leg raises: 4x12

Leg extensions superset with leg curls: 3x12