week 6



Pause bench press: 1x Rpe 7, 1x RPE 8, 1x RPE 9

Close-grip bench: 3x2 (rpe 8)

Db flyes: 3x12

Pull ups: max reps x 3 sets superset with Db tricep ext: 3x15

Ab wheel: 4x12


Pause squat: work up to 3 rep max

Squats: 3x3 (75% )

SLDL: 2x12

Weighted sit ups: 2x12


Pause bench press: 3x2 (Rpe 8)

Close-grip spoto press: 3x3 (rpe 7)

Close-Grip Larsen press: 3x6

Dips: 3x10 superset BarBell curls: 3x10

Db lateral raise: 3x10 superset with. db rear delts fly: 3x10


4in Block pulls: 2Xrpe 9, 2Xrpe 10

SLDL: 3X3 (RPE 8)

Sumo speed pulls: 6x1 with 40% , 20 second rest between sets

Db rows: 3x10 superset with weighted: sit ups 3x10