week 7



 Pause bench press: 4x3 (Rpe 9)

Close-grip bench: 2x3 (rpe 8), 2x3 (rpe 9) 

Giant set 3x12:

Db ohp, Ab wheel, Db tricep ext, Db side raises


Squat: 4x4 (rpe 9)

Pause squat: 3x3 (rpe 9)

Leg press: 3x8

Leg curls: 3x10 superset with ab wheel: 3x10


Pause bench press: 2x3 (rpe 8), 2x2 (rpe 9)

Wide grip bench press: 4x4 (rpe 8)

Barbell incline press: 3x6

Db rear delt fly: 3x15 superset with db hammer curls: 3x12

Db lateral raise: 3x12 superset with skull crushers: 3x10


Comp stance deadlift: work up to heavy double (set of 2)

Front squats: 3x8

Deficit SLDL: 3x5 (Rpe 8)

T-bar rows : 4x8 superset with weighted plank: 4x 60secs