Quando Sobreviver se Torna Inviável (When Survival Becomes Unfeasible) by Visceral Climax

Yes. The rumors are true. What you see is real!! We are about to review a demo recording of a Brazilian grindcore band called Visceral Climax, because, that’s exactly what we want to do. And I do exactly what I want to do. And you should too. Just don’t hurt anyone or listen to everything the media says, or trust the government, or eat an excess amount of processed foods, or prefer 90’s era Iron Maiden and we’ll be fine. ANYWAY. Even though I can’t understand a singular word they are saying, not just because of the language barrier and my ignorance to navigate Google Translate, but also because it’s grindcore and the lyrics are indesiphcerable either way, I know Visceral Climax is doing exactly what they want to do. And right here in the crypts of DeathComesLifting.com, that’s exactly what we are here to celebrate.

Hailing form the northeastern region of Brazil, known for its stunning scenery, rich culture and history, tropical climate, exquisite architecture, and oh, CRUSHING GRINDCORE. Flocking to mosh pits just as tourists flock to their beautiful beaches, Brazil has historically been known to have a strong and beyond passionate metal scene. Blessing us with bands such as the mighty Sepultura, Holocausto, Krisuin, etc… Brazil have definitely solidified their place in metal history. With each of the country’s regions spawning different subgenres of extreme music, some could argue that they pioneered it. They definitely did so for South America, at least. Passionate about their riffs and guttural vocals as they are soccer (or foot ball??), this cut-throat metal scene apparently is still very alive and very, very, well.. with armies of independent metal bands doing their damn thing and kicking ass while doing it!! That would be precisely why when I heard of a Brazilian band actually called Visceral Climax, there was no way I was not immediately purchasing their entire Bandcamp discogrpahy.. because, thats what we stupid and passionate metalheads do. And that’s what I do. So enough with the elementary Brazilian metal history lesson and culture crash course.. let’s get back to the GRIND. Yes.. I did.

Translating to English as “When Survival Becomes Unfeasible” this demo tape kicks into full on, true to form, viscously fast and abrasive, grindcore assault. Definitely not overstaying its welcome, this 00:25 opener, aptly titled 25 Seconds to Obliteration (translated for us American homies) sets the tone for this wicked whirlwind of blistering riffs, Napalm Death - approved vocals, airwave-thickening bass, and drumming that will induce involuntary repetitive movement of all limbs and skulls. Trudging through this 7 minute and 46 second record, all 15 songs more or less give off the same vibe.. fucking killer. Oh, and yeah, you heard me right. 15 songs for a total of less than 8 minute runtime.. you do the math on that. Not my job, I just lift weights for a living. My point is, the songs are very short, but the message and the feeling is very powerful. Just as any good extreme metal music should be. Visceral Climax prove not only are they a perfect band for us metal kids with ADHD and a hatred for mankind, but prove that even a South American low budget demo tape in this day and age can sound just as awesome and hit just as hard as a full blown production, further proving all you need is metal in your heart and a desire to get that music out of your soul.. and hopefully have a great time doing it. Listening to all these tracks countless times at this point, I would say their grindcore has become rather infectious. Wether it be my personal favorite 6 second track, Ruído Iconoclasta Antimusical, which beautifully translates to Antimusical Iconoclastic Noise.. that is basically a drum roll, some feedback, and a gagging noise. Or the longest, concluding, epic, title track, clocking in at 00:51, has enough power and relentlessly catchy and pissed off metal beats than most bands do on an entire record. I couldn’t get enough of this one, and it prompted me to go down yet another musical rabbit hole.. this time consisting of classic Brazilian metal bands and grindcore from all over this gruesome globe. Just another day at the office, I suppose.

All in all, I think Visceral Climax is a wonderful example of a highly passionate and talented foreign metal band that is just kicking ass because they can, and they want to. They are far from the only band doing this, mind you, so it makes it that much more vital to go out and support the underground. That’s an important lesson to be learned and is greatly inspirational. Now off to the gym to throw on some grindcore and battle a few demons. Fight the power, freaks.

Rating: 5/5

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