Apprentice of Evil:

Week VII


workout I

A1. Barbell Push Press

A2. Sled Push 

B1. T-Bar Row

B2. Jump Rope

C1. Decline Chest Press

C2. Barbell Walking Lunges

D1. Pallof Press

D2. Decline Sit Up

workout II

A1. EZ Bar Skull Crushers

A2. Deadlift

B1. Neutral Grip (Assisted) Pull Ups

B2. Med Ball Slams

C1. Alternating Kettlebell Cleans  

C2. Plyo Lunges

D1. Hanging Leg Raises

D2. Plank -1 min 15 sec

workout III

A1. Dumbbell Bicep Curl to Arnold Press

A2. Russian Kettlebell Swings

B1. Feet Elevated Dumbbell Fly

B2. Dumbbell Deadlift

C1. Dumbbell Pullover

C2. Single Leg Pistol Squats (Assisted w/ band, rings, or TRX)

D1. Russian Twists

D2. Side Plank